Quote from: Weltenfeind on August 31, 2023, 02:41:03 PMAre Jarhead Fertiliser still playing the Dublin gig on Saturday?

They're in Dublin at the minute per their Instagram.

Quote from: Pentagrimes on August 30, 2023, 08:40:03 PMHad a ticket for Limerick but can't make it if anyone wants it

Bit last minute but if anyone wants this pm me before 6

Anyone know why ASM didn't play last night? The lads were there I saw them watching Jarhead.

Quote from: mickO))) on September 02, 2023, 11:18:40 AMAnyone know why ASM didn't play last night? The lads were there I saw them watching Jarhead.

ASM played before Jarhead

Yeah they just swapped places seemingly which confused some folks. They were the best thing on the bill by a mile. Good night all around.

They were suppose to be on just before Full of Hell so that is shitty having a last minute change like that with no announcement for a touring band meaning people will miss them.

Doors 7:00
Unyielding Love 7:30
Jarhead Fertilizer 8:15
Antichrist Siege Machine 9:00
Full Of Hell 9.50

Don't miss Jarhead. I thought they were just some random Irish band so was gonna give them a miss I had no idea about the full of hell connection. When I saw Brandon and Dave setting up with other lads I was thinking Christ I hope Full of Hell haven't changed vocalists. They were very good.

Up there with the drunkest I have ever been.  if anyone saw the lad in the Godflesh shirt falling around the place it was me.  Blackout during the back half of Full of Hell but they were lethal from as far as I remember.  Unyielding Love were excellent too, missed ASM by mistake chatting to lads and drinking at the front bar, Jarhead were great too, didn't know a note of them going in.  Supreme fear today