Was looking for a thread to post a link in but didn't see one.  All Earth albums from Hex onwards are a Euro each for the weekend on Bandcamp, should anyone be interested:


Very fond of them, with The Bees... and Earth 2 likely being my favourites, though I enjoy them all in some way.  Took me a long time to come around to Angels... I & II mind, but they're class too when you're in the form for it.

Anyway general thread, just wanted to post the link for ye.

The Bees... was the last one of theirs I liked TBH, the subsequent ones I found a bit samey, the last one in particular. Hex & The Bees... are fantastic, and for the droney stuff Earth 2 would be my favourite there too, that and Pentastar.

I really like Earth. Saw them in the button factory back in 09 I think with Mount Eerie. Were ye at that?

I have a soft spot for Earth as well. I do think some of the latter stuff can be a bit samey but you'll have that with instrumental stuff. My favourites of that stuff are probably Hex or Hibernaculum.