Finally! Time to let this one out of the bag.

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The moment you have all been waiting for

I am pleased to announce the line up for urban assault 2024

After taking a two year break from music promotion,it really truly gives me great joy to announce this absolutely killer line up to you !

Some old faces that have played for us before such as Abaddon Incarnate  , Strangle Wire   and The Grief

Some new blood in the form of Hasturian Vigil

Absolute icons of the cork metal scene For Ruin make a return for this very special show

And last but not least, a band that we have wanted so much for the last 8 years , Mourning Beloveth .

I hope you are as thrilled as me, tickets go on sale soon and more in depth info about these bands also so come .

Artwork by Gavin Doyle
Photography to be done by: Marcin Lewandowski

We are also working exclusively with The Metal Cell Podcast for some chats leading up to the event .

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Brilliant,looking forward to seeing Mourning Beloveth again.Been ages since I last saw them live.

Quote from: Snare on April 18, 2023, 09:49:36 PMNice one. Looking forward to AI and The Grief

Feck off, You!
You're barred.    :P  ;D

I can be bribed, though.  ;)

Nice line up!!,great to have a line up like this on our door step again.

STRANGLE WIRE are a 4 Piece Death Metal Band hailing from Belfast Northern Ireland. Formed by four guys determined to leave their mark on the worldwide Death Metal Scene. Having being collectively involved in bands for over several decades such as  CONDEMNED, THE OBSCENE MACHEINE, ZOMBIFIED, HELPLESS, LESSHELP, WAR IRON, ONCOLOGY, FUCKHAMMER, PUTREFY and more,

Branding themselves as Psychological Death Metal, STRANGLE WIRE's artwork and lyrical concepts attempt to capture the darker parts of the human condition.
STRANGLE WIRE deliver fast, groove laden and devastatingly heavy death metal.

2022 saw Strange Wire release their latest studio album 'Shaped by Human Frailty' which was met by an incredible response due to its non stop catchy riffs which honestly for my were some of my favorite riffs of the year , the intensity of the album from each member never lifts and its a great record for old school death metal heads but it also doesn't sound like anyone else , Strangle Wire very much have their own sound , I wouldn't change the formula one bit .

We have had Strangle Wire play for us numerous times before and the live show is just so intense and crushing , and then there's the merch , Strangle Wire are up there for me for best merch designs in the country for Irish Metal bands , be sure to have a look on their band camp which I will link below

Event Page:

Tickets ON SALE and available here:

Quote from: StoutAndAle on October 26, 2023, 12:16:57 PMClass poster.
Will that be available as a t-shirt?

We are looking to set up a pre-sale for t-shirts.
But it will depend on numbers.

Quote from: KingHostile on October 26, 2023, 01:16:54 PMHow do I get my band on this?
Line-up is set, I'm afraid.

Looking forward to this. The last few Urban Assaults always felt like little Cork mini-Sieges. The one in 2018 with Bailer and Ten Ton Slug topping the bill was one of the best local shows I've seen in the country. Shame there's no more bands on the lineup to be honest, should be an all-dayer! Should still be cracking.

Quote from: Airneanach on October 26, 2023, 04:11:23 PMShame there's no more bands on the lineup to be honest, should be an all-dayer! Should still be cracking.

Committing to another all-dayer just isn't possible this time. So we opted for a more condensed, quality over quantity, lineup.

Invictus Productions and Sentinel Records will be flogging their goods on the day, also.