Three scrotes arrested for beating up that poor younglad in Navan.

All the cliches will be thrown out to ensure a lenient sentence. Good lads, good homes, uncharacteristic behaviour, the pandemics fault.....

The 'Politics of Condemnation' is gone by the wayside is it? Has anyone asked what the grand poobah of the Irish Muslims thinks about one of their flock throwing the first punch at the ladeen? 

Quote from: 91/30 on May 20, 2023, 01:08:57 PMThe 'Politics of Condemnation' is gone by the wayside is it? Has anyone asked what the grand poobah of the Irish Muslims thinks about one of their flock throwing the first punch at the ladeen? 

Think you should be more concerned about the social norm of the pot not calling the kettle black on this one. As I said in the other thread, and I wasn't being facetious at all, if you talk like this at home in front of your lads, don't be too surprised if one day it's one of their faces you see on a video like that one. You absolutely ooze self-righteous intolerance on here, but maybe, hopefully, you show more wisdom and restraint in front of your offspring.

Begod yes, I'd be that all right I'd say, Its often been said I'm a contrary fucker. Is it a bad thing now?  By self-righteousness, that'd be a person providing their own standard of righteousnes now would it?

Very unlikely that he will get convicted. I know a Garda very well who knocked an innocent person over and killed them while in pursuit of someone else a few years ago. He was brought up on charges, found not guilty and now works in CAB.

Quote from: Pagan Saviour on June 28, 2023, 12:39:11 PMCountry is truly fucked......

There is actually protocols for high speed chases. Now I haven't the first clue how he drove but he must have broken some protocols for the case to get this far. The protocols are there to protect other drivers per se, not the garda car or the car they are chasing.

Not that I shed a tear for the deceased. Robbing bastards deserve everything they get.

Fuck me, Dublin. Sort that shit out. You want the lend of some paramilitary groups up North to sort it?

I was suggesting to the family that we take a trip to Dublin the August weekend to take in the Irish basketball game,and maybe Emerald Park. 11 year old son said no way, just based on how dirty Dublin was last time we visited back in April. News to me but he resented the place.

Mind you, Cork has also gone to shit thanks to drunks and druggies being a scourge on the streets. There's an underlying menace on the streets now, e.g. last Saturday week walking past a fella pissing in a door way mid-afternoon on South Main Street, open drug dealing Paddy's Day on Tuckey Street, Culture Night last year street drinker physically and sexually assaulting a fellow drinker on the Coal Quay, and this all during day times in front of my kids, with their friends some of those occasions, and loads of young families on that afternoon of Culture Night. Sickening, especially seeing how upset some kids were witnessing this shit.

Well I hear there's plans afoot to get about 40 new recruit Gardaí on the beat up there, once they've been recruited and trained.

That'll sort it

That's kinda worrying hearing about Dublin centre. Last year we took the train down from Belfast round this time of year just for a day trip with the missus and the wee fella. Had a lovely day, in temple bar, round O'Connell Street and over to the park at Stephens green. Granted we took the second last train home which was around 8pm. I'd hate to think taking a day trip will become a hell with the scum. Enough of that around Belfast

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My bro was a Garda 20 years ago and they still have the slightly decreased numbers of Gardai in Rathfarnham despite the huge increases in population since then. Tallaght station is down staff too.

Garda commissioner: "I have said this before, but I not only want to get to the current target of 15,000 gardaí, but given population growth, demographic change and the rapidly changing nature of crime, I believe there is a strong case for there to be more than 15,000 gardaí."

300 assaults causing injury a year to Gardai (1,000 assaults total to Gardai a year) 300 a year is 9,000 over the course of a 30 year career. Most recent recruits will end up working longer. The gardai are only 14,133 strong. That equates to a 64% chance of being injured...if assaults occur equally across the country. They do not. They will mostly be in Dublin. Community police and other non front line units, SRU, district and divisional detectives, traffic units, those permanently sitting in the phoenix park and offices around the country, etc will be less likely to be bearing the brunt of this.
Regular unit gardai , the job with the most shift work, the gardai who respond to your 999 call (unless it a rare armed response requirement)...will be repeatedly getting injured. In places they cant afford to live. So Dublin Gardai getting hammered and its only going to get worse and in his eyes
they wont be able to retain anyone and it will get worse as it`ll be Dublin based gardai leaving - not the ones down the country meaning the new recruits all get sent to Dublin. Meanwhile the ones who started 30 years ago and COULD afford a house retired.