The whole Rodger's situation has become a bit of a soap opera. If the trade doesn't work out, the Packers  are going to have a seriously shit situation to sort out.

Speaking as a Bears fan - I hope that the Jets give Rodgers what he wants!  :laugh:

I noticed on Fox Sports' "Speak" last night that Woody Johnson says that he is anxious about the Rodgers deal.

Given the state of the Jets - I'm not sure that Woody has ever been anxious about the organisation in his life!

Also - could someone watch the episode of "Speak" from last night (March 30th) and tell me what THE FUCK Emmanuel Acho is trying to say in regards to the Rodgers situation please?

I got a headache listening to him try to do some if-but-so-then-why-that-becuase Einstein theorem shit with his thoughts on the deal.

Fuck Woody Johnson. That deal has his cretinous fingerprints all over it. Jets got fleeced.

A crazy deal for what is probably gonna be a single season quarterback! I'm worried that the Jets have created a huge problem further down the road.

Six prime time games. Clearly a deal done between Goodell and Woody to get the Rodgers deal done quick enough so the NFL schedule makers could alter things. No way in hell the Jets without Rodgers would have even got half those games. Looks like Chiefs and Eagles games for me this year - last time I was at a Jets-Chiefs game, we had an elderly ex-Packer as QB that day, too.

I think it was just one prime time game last season. Tough schedule for the Jets. First six games will be a big test.

Titans won the schedule release video battle, I think.

Off topic but sorta American related. Youtube suggested the world Championship ice hockey been played at the moment.

I don't know much about it but enjoying watching the Germans versus the Finns

Any talk of a perfect season for the Chiefs already silenced!

It's Vinny in 1999 all over again. With Zach Wilson playing the part of Rick Mirer.  :(

Quote from: Mower Liberation Front on September 12, 2023, 07:02:00 PMIt's Vinny in 1999 all over again. With Zach Wilson playing the part of Rick Mirer.  :(


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The level of shock amongst US pundits regarding Aaron Rodgers' injury is quite something. You'd swear that he died. The man is nearly 40 years old - something gonna break.

For a more balanced view of it and the Jets game;

The fuckin' Bears did me no favours again.  :laugh: