I certainly wasn't giggling when Overkill got cancelled 😡

Don't know why you're getting spicy over a flippant remark.

It's hard to drum up sympathy when it's the second time it happened, with seemingly the exact same set of mistakes made. Last year, I felt sorry for all parties concerned, people had made travel arrangements to hit Manor Fest, the bands were out of pocket and we had a knock on effect here where Overkill and perhaps one other set of dates had to be pulled so our own local promoters/punters were affected. The organisers did seem genuine too but........

In the aftermath last year it became quite obvious that the organizers were completely out of their depth and experience and played along as if everything was hunky dory until the last possible minute. Anyone with a keen eye would've seen the same crap this year. They were announcing bands until as recently as April 7th when Slammer were added. As was the case last year, what has changed in so little time? Between April 7th and April 19th? It's absolute insanity, surely at that point you'd know the festival was not in any shape or form a viability? And yet six days ago there was a post about Overkill's new album and how great it will be to hear the songs live on May 27th.

So definitely, elements of this are farcical and yes laughable. Go over to the facebook page yourself and have a look.

Obviously, I'm clearly not for a second laughing at the fact that bands have lost income, possibly had to cancel tours and punters are disappointed and out of pocket for travel and accommodation , But I've close to zero sympathy for the organizers. I would, and not pointing blame question both punters and artists judgement in  supporting or signing on for the event for a second time, confidence would've been absolutely shattered from the first instance last year. Personally speaking I would've taken a refund last year and left it at that.

And I wasn't happy about the Overkill show either, I'd a ticket for it myself.

Quote from: Pagan Saviour on April 21, 2023, 08:10:52 AMI like Spreading and Persistence is my favourite Belladonna era Anthrax record, but still think they can consider themselves fortunate - there's so many bands in thrash's B league that would wipe the floor with them.

I've seen them live a good bit, these days I wouldn't deliberately go see them - they've been support in most of the recent cases and the setlist never changes. Persistence is such a good album it amazes me to see them only air Got The Time? which is a horseshit cover on every occasion. I've seen them live with Bush several times, much better and a much more varied career spanning setlist at those shows.

Persistence is also my favourite of theirs, agreed - just playing Got The Time is a crime when you have In My World, Belly Of The Beast, Keep It In The Family, Time etc.

I'd love to have seen them with Bush, anyone I know who has reckoned they were mighty. Much better singer IMO, although I'm not a fan of those albums (WCFYA was probably the best of the bunch, but even that was filler-heavy). The rerecordings they did with him were brilliant.

They have indeed, that was the first show I believe.

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Jaysus this lad is at it again:


You have to admire his tenacity but come on, learn from the past.

Where to start? Utter madness. The fact that Iron Mountain is referenced as some kind of currency is off the charts stuff.

Oh man! Saying you will have a top line PA and engine that know that they are doing is not a selling point, it should be a given!
That's like saying the bus will have wheels and a driver that knows how to drive the feckin thing!

"I didn't see this coming. It just fell into place over a few days" - Burning Metal

 :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh: Quality.

Are the heads in the chat that are encouraging this madness genuine or trolling the fuck out of him?

Seems 50/50, honestly.

 :laugh:  :laugh: love these out and out stubborn,deluded cunts!

I love the location of these things, let's make it as hard as possible for bands and punters to get there. Arsehole of Roscommon, Mountains of Leitrim etc.

Come to RosStock 2024: "the sound will be good"

No doubt a line up of Fibbers detritus. It would be great if it came together for him, and all the best but this, once again, seems arse backwards from the getgo.