November 25, 2022, 09:54:10 AM Last Edit: December 08, 2022, 11:50:11 PM by Ollie
It's been a while but we're (Bodydrinkers) back for a gig in Freds on Dec 10th.
It'll be an old-school type gig where you mix the genres a bit. We're mixing it up with Stanton's Grave (Stonecore Punk) and Hope Is Noise (Alt Rock). €10 on the door or you can buy at Eventbrite

Nice one, looking forward to this, especially airings of new BD songs like the track teased a year ago  :abbath:

Not familiar with the other two but sure will check them out, always good to mix styles at a gig I feel.

Slight change in Line up, but no change in quality. Punk band RPC are jumping in instead of Stanton's Grave

Can you please advise on stage times? Thanks boss

Pat will know for sure, but I think the first band will be on around 9:30

Sound boss. Presently in the Cork Arms with the Bodydrinkers member who doesn't like death metal!!