Caught four of the cunts. Peanut butter is doing the job.

Cover all your bases and throw together some bacon, cheese, chocolate, and peanut butter roulades. Tied with a thread.

A ribbon might be more artisan?

I use 3 traps against a wall lined up beside each other with the middle one baited with peanut butter, the cunts have to get past the outside ones to get to the target trap, it never fails, I had this setup in the shed last winter, 3 trap booby traps in 4 different locations...pure commando stuff..

Amatuers! I was plagued with mice in my garage and frequently used to have to try and find missing traps where little hard man mice would drag them around by their broken legs. On one instance, one of them managed to trigger the trap and get caught across his eye socket, popping his eye out and causing him to bleed all over the place. He still ran around for a while so the next morning the place looked like a slaughterhouse.

I then moved on to this bad boy!

A battery powered electric chair for them. 2 AA batteries can kill up to 20 of the bustards and they're in the trap so they won't drag it away.

I remember getting traps in Dealz years ago that were way too powerful. Kill the mouse, don't decapitate the mouse. Got up one morning to see a mouse with their brains nearly four feet away from their body.

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I really like the new ones where they catch them in a little cage and then lull them slowly to death by playing the new Primordial and Øxn CDs on repeat .

Torture Rack I think they're called.

This is both a peeve and a pleasure but as I'm still half wound up from it it's not fully out of the peeve realm just yet. I have recorded a new thing that'll be out soon enough but there was one simple little riff that I was trying to play last night and this morning and it completely fell out of my head. Nothing particularly fancy or anything but I couldn't for the fucking life of me figure out what it was I had played except that I knew it was a fun little run to play around with. I was at a point of extreme agitation just now with it so I ended up plugging in the recording gear, isolating the guitar track and figuring it out. Fuck me, I'm still all jittery and antsy from the experience. Cunting Alzheimer's...

The oule Alzheimer's hasn't impeded on yer promotional muscle memory  ;)

Some things are too deeply ingrained even for Alzheimer's.

Joshing aside be interesting to hear what's forthcoming.

My advice is, keep your expectations low  8)

That's a hoor. I can batter the drums a bit, can't play guitar but might manage a bit on the bass... point is, every now and then I come up with an (in my head) massive riff but how do I remember it? Going 'thuff thuff thuff' into the phone is all well and good but when you can't remember it back properly afterward is devastating.

I'd be a fucking millionaire if I could remember half of them....

I usually record a video of myself playing a riff because I'll forget it otherwise but with that one I came up with it and properly recorded it (for the album) the next day so I didn't need to document it. So I was scuppered when it came to remembering the shape I was playing. I was half way there but it wasn't right and I was losing my mind... a simple case of, ahhhh, an upside down power chord! I was getting thick for a minute  :laugh: