That struck me reading the article as well earlier. Amazing the langer can afford 2 weeks holidays abroad on the dole. Looking for work my hole when the  system is such a soft touch to fuel a free holiday without working a day anytime soon...

Makes you wonder alright, there's years I don't get to take the family away and I've a good job!

Quote from: Pagan Saviour on April 08, 2024, 01:49:53 PMInsanity

Complete joke, the biggest contribution those 3 career scumbags made to society was dying, burglary rates in Leinster dropped sharply after their death.

Why's this Nolan such a pussy?

Something very sinister about his leniency and that type of crime

Interesting interview.

McEntee is bent on quashing "hate speech " and with all the talk of far right movements and so forth it's fascinating to see that two lads that were obviously victims of an actual hate crime were treated with suspicion from the Gardai and largely left alone and abandoned in Dublin.

Cead Mile Failte indeed.