A good shot of complaining at random always goes down a treat.

I'll start.

I hate when web forums which i frequent daily suddenly shut down with no warning after 18 years, and everything has to be started from scratch under a new name.

But I like when after 2 days, somebody is already willing to give it a go.

It was disappointing to see it suddenly disappear since it was a good resource for local metal news. Hopefully this place will be able to get the ball rolling and rebuild some of what was lost.

I'll second that. It's also a peeve of mine when the fucker responsible feels he should be financially rewarded for doing same.

Yep it was a bit of a bummer MI shut down.

Hey Nixer you bollix I'm calling for you to be banned straight off the bat, whether you do anything or not. lol

Oh yeah, peeves...

I fucking hate the way lads keep banging on about MI around here

I say that first ban hammer should be struck in favour of the Earl. Fuck him!

On a side note, does anybody have Stenchy or Leather Mike's number? I'll give them a shout and tell them to join in the fun.

You're really not a fan of Earl are you? I feel like there should be a section of the forum for people to ask for Nixer to be banned.

Now, Nixer wasn't that bad was he?

As for pet peeves...umm... having to use more heating now it's no longer that record breaking heatwave summer.

Thanks Kunt. I always thought you were a top bloke as well.

And kudos to whoever sent this up let's hope it takes off.

Howiya Stenchy? Good to have you aboard. Terrible what that poxbottle done to the forum wasn't it?

How long you reckon you'll last Nixy? If you last a month I'll get you a sticky rock,

I reckon I'm in for the long haul this time bud. The new Earl doesn't strike me as a tyrannous wanker who'd knock down a block of flats for the craic and leave everybody homeless on the inter web.

QuoteHowiya Stenchy? Good to have you aboard. Terrible what that poxbottle done to the forum wasn't it

Don't go too hard on the Earl dude, he more than paid his dues!