Jaysus that new song is dire, looking like this album will be another Supercollider based on the songs released so far

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I kinda like the first song. But the last one was defo a bit, MEH!
Ice-T part was pointless. Would have preferred Mustaine himself to snarl through it. He's gonna do it live, anyway.

Quote from: Black Shepherd Carnage on August 12, 2022, 07:12:27 PMNor a The System Has Failed B-side for that matter, since it's totally in that mould again.

It would definitely fit alongside the songs from The System Has Failed alright. Very much like a simplified version of the intro riffing to 'Kick The Chair'. I actually think it's better than the other songs released but if this is what he's showcasing for the new album, well...

All the songs so far are grand, nothing to get excited about, probably be decent enough live. But I'm not going to be rushing out to pick this up based on these tracks

Album will be out tomorrow. Expectations are very low based on what's been released so far. Still though, can't be any more boring than Daves appearance on Joe Rogan!

But... but... Blabbermouth gave it 9/10 and said it's the best thing since Countdown... or Endgame  :laugh:

Played the leak there..boring enough...couldn't last the whole slog...nothing grabbing the attention

I've liked the few tracks I've heard so far, looking forward to the album landing on the doorstep.

Sounds great to me! Razor sharp playing throughout and some great songs. Lets see how it ages.

Have listened through a couple of times today and yesterday and I'm enjoying it. I liked the first 2 songs they put out before the release, the third one was just okay. Didn't listen to Endgame which was supposedly good but this is better than the last couple Megadeth albums I've listened to.

It's not even bad, just completely vanilla and forgettable.

Quote from: Ducky on September 05, 2022, 01:12:33 PMIt's not even bad, just completely vanilla and forgettable.

Yeah I found it tremendously dull. Nothing there at all to capture the imagination.