QuoteThey supported Anathema on the latter's Judgement tour on 12/09/99

They didn't. It was Arcane Sun in Dublin, can't imagine it was Geasa for the Belfast show.

Would love vinyl editions of those records alright, great memories of seeing Geasa around the time of Angels Cry.

The Godslaughter CD arrived today. I can see why I overlooked it on release- it's a bit thrown together looking. But seeing as I've done such a U turn on Angel's Cry in recent times I'm glad to finally have a complete collection of their stuff. I'll throw this in the car and see if it grows on me in the same way.

Just curious!
How do you mean, 'thrown together'?
The artwork and layout, like?

The fold out inlay is a heavier paper card which kinda sets it apart from general releases a bit. It did make it look a little cheap at first, but after a while I think it added a physical 'texture' to the release. Something that almost all CD releases are lacking.

Other than that I don't see much else different.

Now the "Murder" promo is a pure DIY thrown together CD-R affair. Both versions I have are anyway.
But then it was just a promo.

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Yeah I agree that the card stock is good quality but the layout is a bit shabby somehow. Just seems like there wasn't much love put into it. The pages fold the wrong way than you would normally expect, the back of the CD looks cheapo with the logo behind the band silhouette, the cover looks like a random image taken off the internet as opposed to something you'd commission from an artist to give a unique touch to the release and the lyrics are printed slightly blurry or faintly so they are hard to read. Strangely, I noticed another more problematic issue with the music. I'm not sure if it is the mastering or what but the way the songs cut in and out at the start and end seems wrong.

In terms of the songs my early impression is that there are some quite good bits in there and some mediocre parts in the mix as well but I'll see how it grows with familiarity.

They went for something a bit harder and more direct than Fate's Lost Son overall, or that's my impression of it and some of the music feels a bit lacking in the depth that they are capable of achieving. Again, I might well eat my words in a week or two.

Around the time they split it felt like they were jumping a bit from style to style without really knowing where they wanted to go and I think there were lineup changes as well. The whole thing seemed to gradually crumbl le and maybe that lack of cohesion within the band is apparent on the album.

I can't remember how the pages fold out, but the card stock has always stood out in my mind.

I'll have to dig it out again and have a long overdue listen.

Happy memories getting the Starside demo in the post from Brian many years ago. It is still one of my favourite Irish releases. Always had a soft spot for Angel's Cry too: there are some great songs on it, and them same holds for Fate's Lost Son, I certainly had and still have a lot of faith in that under-related release.

The Starside tape is one that I'd still spin on a semi regular basis - I must fire on Angel's Cry again, it's been ages.

Demo and Angels cry are great listens, shame they called it a day as they were a brilliant live act.

I always found them dull live which might not have helped their cause in my eyes.

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I went out early this morning for some exercise. It was beginning to get bright as I left and there was a heavy mist hanging over everything. I needed something atmospheric for the drive up the hills and Angels Cry was it. A perfect marriage of atmospheres inside the car and out.

Godslaughter hasn't clicked. I may need another couple of decades for that one.