I thought it was a red as well.  Maybe I don't understand the laws anymore, but if you don't wrap in a tackle, that is an act of foul play and then you can't use mitigation to bring it down to a yellow card.

I think the mitigation claimed is that the Uruguayan lad was dropping but he was barely doing so, and certainly not enough for it to be a factor. Plust the French lad had his arm tucked, no possibility of wrapping. Red all day.

Only getting into the second weekend of this world cup and already there's huge inconsistency in the refereeing.

Had they the guts to give that nailed on red card it was 50 minutes against 14 men. Could have been talking about the biggest upset for years. Fair play to Uruguay who still put it up to them but sloppy errors cost them.

Appalling refereeing in the Samoa/Chile game there, yer man was throwing out cards for absolutely nothing.

I thought rugby was the gold standard when it came to reffing?

Fuck no. As corrupt as boxing and/or horse or greyhound racing is, rugby is ten times worse. Put you mortgage on France, they've already won.

South Africa with a 7/1 split on the bench for the game on Saturday, Ireland will announce their team today but not expected to change the make up of their bench in response.  Buzzing already for this game.

Actually enjoyed the Italy Uruguay match yesterday.   Uruguay 6 was amazing at the breakdown and great to watch.  Thought Italy were going to implode, but were much more composed in the second half.

Forgot there was a game yesterday, though I was babysitting anyway so wouldn't have gotten to see it (fucking Harry Potter...).

Heading to a Connacht v Munster pre-season friendly in Galway tomorrow, looking forward to that (just don't rain). Both squads obviously depleted with the World Cup but should be a good game.

No rain at the Sportsground?  I thought rain was included with the price of the ticket.  :laugh:

Saw the Connacht team announced earlier.   Still have Prendergast, Blade, Carty and Buckley starting.   You stuffed us (Ulster) a few weeks back as well.  Enjoy the game!

Just seen the Munster side, Zebo, Frisch, Carberry and Coombes starting.   

Ah yeah, still two decent sides without the 'bug hitters'. Local lad (Colm Reilly) on the bench too. I saw the same fixture during the last world cup and it was a cracker, not least because Connacht won.  ;)

Looking forward to saturday.
One change, Murray on the bench,Gibson park in at a scum half.
Looks like Sheehan will be on the bench,good to have him back.
Etzebeth back for South Africa.

Dupont with a fractured jaw.  I think France will really struggle if he is out for long - they haven't really given any of their other 9s much game time in the big games.

Fractured jaw would surely rule him out for the rest of the tournament, wouldn't it? Huge loss, no matter how long. Sure to have an impact, even against Italy.

Quote from: Carnage on September 22, 2023, 12:08:59 PMFractured jaw would surely rule him out for the rest of the tournament, wouldn't it? Huge loss, no matter how long. Sure to have an impact, even against Italy.
Unless he'll chance it with a protective mask but that would offer feck all protection with a big hit.
Big loss for France if his WC is over.