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Reply #75 on: January 01, 2021, 10:11:35 AM
NIHILISTIC Distro wishes you a happy new year (If possible…)

Here are the last distro news, with many new tapes and some CDs.

Last distro news:

BLACK RITE (Gre) Nocturnal creed MCD. Fast black metal (Member of Ceremonial Worship)

CHAOSHORDE (Gre) Hordes arising Demo tape. Blackened thrash/ Old school thrash

COFFINBIRTH (Chile) Desde la fosa común Tape. Old school death/ Blackened death. (Member of Orategod, Unblessed)

CRYPTWORM (Uk) Cryptworm Demo tape. Old school death

GOATVERMIN (Fra) Detruire Tape. Brutal black death

GRAVEYARD (Spa)/ NECRO (Ita) Split tape. Death metal

NECROCCULTUS (Mex) Solemnelohim, Bringer of death MCD. Digipack. Old school and crushing Death metal obscurity.

PAZUZU (Costa rica)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) Split tape. Old school death, doom/ Old school death

SEKKUSU (Usa) Satyrömania Tape. Old school thrash/ Old thrashing punk hardcore. (Members of Demon bitch, Sewercide)

TENEBRION (Peru) Tenebrion Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Black thrash

THRONEUM (Pol) Deathcult conspiracy Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Fatal Assault Demo tape. Old school black thrash/ black death (Regular tape with hand written name, pro cover)

GRAB (Gre) Praying at the whorehouse church MCD. Digipack. Raw simple black metal. (Members of Dodsferd)

INHUMANITY VORTEX (Pol) Reverse engineering MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal with brutal death influences, and a “technical” tortured aspect... Given for free in orders.



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Reply #76 on: January 09, 2021, 09:53:56 AM

The webshop was updated with more low prices items, free bonus demos, stickers, newsletters...
Some free and cheap stuffs to make the postage more worthwile... :-)

DIABOLI IMPERIUM (Bra) Genesis Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. 2nd hand. Symphonic black metal

HAIR COLOR ANOMALY (Fra) The stench of ginger kingdom Demo CDr. Underground grindcore/ Groovy gore... (Member of iost, Ad patres...)

OMINOUS DEBACUH (Rus) Tenebrarum daemonum ars CD. Second hand. Black metal/ Black death...

EVILCULT (Bra) Evil forces command Promo CDr. Blackened thrash/ Black thrash

ROTEM (Por) Promo CDr. Death doom/ Black

DL.50 (Paraguay) Valemos menos que sus balas Demo CDr. Old styled punk hardcore.

DUMB ASS/ HANNNGS/ JHONNY DEPP IS DEAD/ NOISE SONETA Split CDr.4 bands from indonesia. Noisecore/ Lofi noisy grind

BLACK THE SKY (Usa) Simplistic mechanics of deformable bodies CD. Deathcore/ Deathgrind/ Melodic death.

CUNT MAGGOTS (Bosnia) Welcome to jarakaj, have a nice grave Demo Mini CDr. Lofi underground death grind

NUNDATA (Serbia) Organun Demo CDr. Harsh noise


SULFURIC VOCIFERATION - Necropropaganda Minizine/ Newsletter.
Reviews or bios of bands from southamerica: Hadez, Ejecutor, Feretro, Diabolicous, Hell's vein, Necranastasis, Soulreaper, Crocell, Caligula, Black hordes scorn, Wrathprayer.

NIHILISTIC newsletter #5/ January:
This time it contains an interview of ANATOMIA, as well as reviews of SUPPRESSION, MENTAL CASKET, WITCHTRIAL, STRIGOI and SVAVELDIOXID… Pro printed.


TONE WOOD Recs - Sticker - wood font
TONE WOOD Recs - Sticker - logo dessiné

BONE JAMMER - Sticker - white on black

BONE JAMMER - Sticker - bras et os/ silkeborg

BONE JAMMER - Sticker - skull
NU DET NU - Sticker



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Reply #77 on: January 16, 2021, 09:34:24 AM
Last distro news:

EVIL DAMN (Peru) Advance Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death
Special packaging, comes with bonus badge. (Members of Goat semen, Disinter, Saram)

FORDAERV (Den)/ KOKAIN (Den)/ BONEJAMMER (Den) Split tape. Grind powerviolence/ Hardcore punk/ Crusty punk metal

LIGAEDER (Denmark) Den tomme menneskehed Tape. Death metal with crust influences, sounds close to old swedeath.

LIQUID FLESH (Fra) Chair liquide CD. Digipack. Old school death/ Death'n roll (Sounds like a mix of mid old Carcass, Obituary, Master, mid old Entombed)

NEVERTANEZRA (Usa) NTNR CD. Doom death, sounds like early My dying bride.(Member of Malignant inception)

PINEBLOOD (Belarus) Within the wooden flesh Demo tape. Black metal, close to the semi melodic 90s style.

RANCOROUS (Usa) Vultures will gather Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

SUNKEN (Denmark) Livslede Tape. Black metal, atmospheric but still quite "raw".

EMBALSAMADO (Bra) Vasta escuridão Tape. Old school doom black, quite obscure. (Members of Hellkommander, Flageladör, Tyranno...). Special packaging, with poster etc...

VULTÖR (Bra) Visões do fim Tape. Old school speed/ heavy/ Punk'n roll.
Special packaging, with poster etc.

DEVASTATION (Croatia) Ground zero/ In memoriam Tape. Thrash metal, close to the old 80's american genre.

HAIR COLOR ANOMALY (Fra) The stench of ginger kingdom Demo CDr. Underground grindcore(Member of iost, Ad patres...)

NUCLEAR WINTER (Ger) Zine issue 1: Nuctemeron, Gallower, Hexecutor, Black rat, Amorphia, Bitchhammer, Bunker 66, Messerschmitt... + reviews.
84 pages. A5. In english. 2020


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Reply #78 on: January 23, 2021, 09:29:26 AM
A couple of tapes and a fanzine were added to the webshop ! Limited stock, check it!

ABSURD (Bra) HIDESHI HINO (Pol) Split tape. Raw grindcore/ Dark ambient
Special packaging

EFFROI (Bel) Cryptic prophecies Demo tape. Raw black metal. (Member of Possession, Terrifiant)

ROWEN (Usa) Ashen spirit Demo tape. Dungeon synth/ Mythical electronic/ Dark ambient

SNUFFED OUT (Usa) Ep 2020 Tape. Old school grindcore/ Crust

WASTELAND COVEN (Usa) Ruined MCD. Old school doom/ Epic doom

FORGOTTEN CHAPEL Zine (Ireland/ Poland) issue 10:
Necrosanct, Phlebotomized, Nembrionic, Utumno, Woods of belial, Cross fade, Beyond belief, View beyond recs, Kolac, Erupted evil, Jim mutilator, Perpetual holocaust, Krashing, Repugnacia... + Reviews. 
40 pages. A4. In english. 2020


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Reply #79 on: January 30, 2021, 08:58:04 AM
Last distro news:

BONE AWL (Usa) The longuest road Demo tape. Black metal with old school roots

CHURCH BIZARRE (Den) Sinister glorification Tape. Old school black thrash/ Black metal (Members of Devil lee rot, Karnarium, Victimizer, Pagan rites...)

DEADLY SIN SLOTH (Usa)/ THOU ART DEAD (Usa) Split tape. Cavern doom death sludge/ Doom death

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Live in paris Tape. Black metal

MORGATORY666 (Usa) The rotting flesh CD. Raw death metal

NAWAHARJAN (Ger) Lokabrenna CD. Digipack. Black metal (Member of Acherontas, Chtonic cult)

OBEISANCE (Usa) Lucifer master Tape. Old school black thrash/ Black death

PHLEGETHON'S MAJESTY (Bel) Downward journey to tartaros domains Demo tape. Raw grim black metal

SOVEREIGN (Nor) Neurotic Demo tape. Old school death/ thrash (Member of Nocturnal breed, Conjuration)

WOLFBASTARD (Uk) Graveyard sessions Tape. Black metal/ Crust punk


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Reply #80 on: February 13, 2021, 08:45:11 AM
Last distro news:

ABSUM (Col) Visions of hell Demo tape. Raw black metal

ATROCE (Can) Necromantia bestialis Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death

BLASFEMIA (Chile) Ancient occult wisdom Tape. Black thrash/ Black metal (Member of Coffin curse)

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death/ Satanic death

GRAVEYARD AFTER GRAVEYARD (Swe) Bagged and dragged to a fullmoon burial CD. Old styled death thrash, sounds like Merciless (Swe), old Kreator... (Member of Sinners burn, Grave, Facebreaker)

MAYHEMIC (Chile) Mortuary feast of skeletons MCD. Blackened thrash metal, sounds like very early Kreator or maybe Possessed's first album. (Members of Venus torment, Ripper, Behead, Thirsty demon)

OF SPIRE & THRONE (Uk) Penance Tape. Doom/ Sludge

SACCAGE (Can) Khaos mortem Tape. Kicking black thrash/ crust

SUMERU (Australia) Summon destroyer Tape. Doom sludge

THE NEGATION (Fra) Paths of obedience Tape. Fast black metal

UHL (Fra) Velchans Tape. Black metal, sometimes raw sometimes more "melancholic".

WITCHBURNER (Ger) Final detonation Tape. Old school thrash


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Reply #81 on: February 27, 2021, 08:47:42 AM
Last distro news:

ABSORPTION (Russia) / ODOCKH (Russia) Split tape. Old school death/ Black death

BONER (Rus)/ SLAVEHAND (Rus) Split tape. Raw grind/ Grindcore Deathgrind

DARK PATH (Chile) Lurking in the shadows CD. Black metal in the 90's style with a touch of "melody", not unlike early Marduk. (Members of Vomit, Condenados)

DAWN OF MAN (Can) / THOU ART DEAD (Can) Split tape. Obscure cavern death/ Doom death

ELEGOS (Gre) The awakening of evil Demo tape. Epic/ Atmospheric black metal/ Black doom

FLEUR ROUGE (India) Ballades en ville Demo tape. Post black metal/ Atmospheric Bm

LORD KETIL (Fra) Long lone among the wolves Tape. Black metal

PERSECUTORY (Turkey) Towards the ultimate extinction CD. Black death (Members of Impuration, Sarinvomit)

PISSING CONTEST (Usa) Pissing contest Demo tape. Grindcore/ Crust/ Noisy grind

REMAINS (Mex) Through the eyes of death CD. Old school death

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Cipriano years CD. Old school black thrash

WARTHOG (Rus)/ BONER (Rus) Split tape. Raw grindcore/ Grindcore


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Reply #82 on: March 13, 2021, 07:44:23 AM
Last distro news:

AYYUR (Tunisia) Balkarnin Demo tape. Black metal (With Shaxul on drums)

BARBATOS (Jap) Raw WAR, sexxx, beer and blasphemy mania in hungary ReHELLSal tape. Raw black metal/ Black thrash.

DEPRAVED (Fra) Raped innocence CD. Digipack. Death grind/ Death metal, with blackened touches and a big sound. (Member of Mortuary)

MORBOSIDAD (Usa) Enterrados vivos en la tumba de Moscow CD. Bestial black death

ИЛ (Rus) Образ пустоты Tape. Doom/ Death doom/ Sludge

RIPPED TO SHREDS (Taïwan/ Usa) 埋葬  CD. Death metal influenced by the old swedish style, with massive production.

SACCAGE (Can) Khaos mortem CD. Digipack. Kicking black thrash/ crust/ old school death. (Members of Atroce)

SPIDVICH (Rus) Мёртвая голова/ Death's Head Tape. Raw black metal/ Punk

THE CRAWLING CHAOS (Russia)  Стерилизация преданных слуг Demo tape. Dark black/ doom/ sludge with strange experimental influences and a saxophone.

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT (Ita) Blood purge Demo CDr. Obscure black death (Sounds like early Archgoat from the 90's)

3RD FROM THE SUN (Fra) 3rd from the sun CD. Digipack. Industrial thrash/ metal with old punk hardcore and post punk influences. Sounds like Prong, Voivod, perhaps Killing joke or a bit of Pestilence (Spheres)...

KATHARSIS 666 (Pol) Total beast Demo tape. Fast blasting black metal

TUSSOCK (Malaysia) Out of rhyme Demo tape. Grind crust, in a quite old school manner.

UNHOLY WAR (Ger) Unholy war Tape. Black thrash (Contains songs from the first demo and split)

DISPARO! (Australia) Hands in the middle Demo tape. Punk hardcore/ Fastcore/ Grindcore


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Reply #83 on: March 27, 2021, 08:33:11 AM
Last distro news:

ENKI (Ecuador) Imperial race Demo tape. Satanic death/ Black death

HIGH INQUISITOR WOE (Belgium) Black sun goddess MCD. Doom metal, not unlike Candlemass, Reverend bizarre...

HORNADO (Ger) Wild temple Tape album. Old school heavy metal with epic influences.

MALEMORT (Fra) Individualism, narcissism, hedonism CD. Digipack. Doom sludge (Members of Ataraxie, Monarch...)

MORTIFEROTH (Usa) Fatal spiritual failures Demo tape. Underground death metal

OSSUAIRE (Fra) Mortes fables Tape. Death metal with morbid atmospheres

SATANIS MALEFICARUM (Ecuador) Bajo et culto maldito Demo tape. Raw black metal

WEAPONIZED FLESH (Usa) Weaponzed flesh Demo tape. Old styled thrash

COTARD DELUSION (Rus) Le délire de négation CD. Black metal with dark atmosphere and ambient interludes.

END ALL (Tokyo)/ KING NORMAN (Taïwan) Split CD. Thrash metal

ENDLESS FLOODS (Fra) Circle the gold CD. Sludge doom drone (Members of Monarch)


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Reply #84 on: April 08, 2021, 12:25:31 AM
“ RIPPED TO SHREDS (Taïwan/ Usa) 埋葬  CD. Death metal influenced by the old swedish style, with massive production.”

Ripped to Shreds are deadly! Not sure which one you had as there’s nothing showing on your list now.