I wonder if being a deranged pervert is a hard requirement to be employed by the BBC? "Your CV looks great but we're just not seeing the required levels of sexual aggression. Call back when you've at least raped five people under 50, all in different age ranges"

If there's any conspiracy about Brand it's not "the power that be" trying to take him down for "telling the truth", it was managers, promoters and TV channels probably hushing his behaviour for years during his height to ensure they still profited from his success. I'm fairly sure when MTV fired him in the 90s for being a heroin addict his absolute cuntishness was no secret then either. Give him another 5 years and he'll probably make yet another comeback.

I think people have become so polarised that he'll have plenty of supporters and he'll be back in action in no time, please God.

The yobbish element of the right decided they would have a day out. Doing more to fuck their own point than any leftist party or group could. Cunts. 

Yer man Fergus Power is a headbanger - and not the kind that generally hangs about on this forum.

Quote from: hellfire on September 21, 2023, 10:07:49 AMThe yobbish element of the right decided they would have a day out. Doing more to fuck their own point than any leftist party or group could. Cunts. 

They actually worked directly against themselves the fuckin eejits. Spectacular own goal


Appropriate or not?

I'm thinking not and that's not in support of Brand, it's just a massive overreach as I see it. Way back in 2020 when David Icke was banned off twitter and YouTube I expressed similar concerns and I don't listen to him either but anyone who can't see the problem here is being wilfully blind.

Would like to hear some opposing takes if anyone has them all the same

Y'know whether or not you can hack Brand it's truly disturbing that ,yet again, all it takes is an allegation and you are tarred and feathered instantly or, in the parlance of our times, cancelled. Give the man his due process. Fuck sake have we forgotten Spacey and Depp already. The toxic masculinity train is full steam ahead it seems.

Went to see Kevin Bridges last night.

Onto the stage.

"Good evening, Cork! Haven't been here since before Covid. Great to be oot, eh? Back to normal. Everthin's back to the way it was before the pandemic. Celtic getting battered in Europe. Russell Brand back on prime time telly..."

 :laugh: How was the show? Saw him last year and he was class.

New allegation complete with de facto laughed-off confession straight afterwards live on Radio 2:

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I wonder how many times she's dined out on that story over the years, now she's saw her chance to make a few quid off it too.

Or not..?

QuoteBBC management was informed about the incident in 2019, but no formal action was taken.