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2. Is it outside the bounds of possibility that it could happen on mainstream radio?

Sure weren't we talking about RTE doing this to Deicide years ago recently? Similarly many of us are no doubt old enough to remember "Relax" by Frankie go to Hollywood being banned from radio and TV because it was explicitly about gay sex and that didn't stop it going to number 1 at the time

Ya, totally valid points in the last coupla posts. Maybe I'm being paranoid. I just think it feels different in this environment.

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I do think a lot of percieved outrage at either end of the spectrum is made worse by tabloid media coverage, and agree with a lot of the sentiment in this thread, not going to reiterate it but the points on the move to streaming vs. censorship are interesting and what classes itself as news.  I would consider myself fairly left leaning but again this is based on an americanised two-tier scale being foisted on us by every fucking media source online.  I am anti-censorship of art 100% but then you get people creating art purely as a reaction to that, which is interesting but goes into being offensive for it's own sake.  And then on into Poe's law and nobody can tell what's ironic art or someone's genuine personal belief anymore.

Tangentially related but:
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Anyway, I don't think putting one's head in the sand is the right thing to do. And it's not all tabloid stuff. At least I don't think so. Today FM and newstalk, while maybe not to everyone's taste, are surely above that level, and this has more than permeated into their content. So it's clearly something prevalent.
I always assumed they would talk about anything that will hold a consumer's interest to have higher numbers for advertisers, and this topic is proven, through easily gathered online stats, to keep people engaged.  People love arguing about their morality and there's a clique nature to the whole thing so the news on it is easily attractive to people.  Pour out stories and opinion on it, keep people arguing/engaged, sell the figures to advertisers.  I'm sure the hosts on the radio feel they are doing something different but no matter what way you look at it, that's how it falls.

I mean everyone in this thread surely knows that no media can be trusted at face value, and the prevalence of debate on this in general is purely because outrage sells no matter what "side" you're on.

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Gavin McInnes is hardly an 'extremist'. I enjoy the man on YouTube, even though some of the guff he comes out with is trolling in its base form.

Farcisist rather than fanatic I'd have thought.

I'm right leaning, but one criticism of the beacon bearers on that 'side', i.e you tubers like McInnes or Steven Crowder, as far as Tucker Carlson in Fox News, they never or almost never pit their wits against anyone who is even close to being their intellectual equal. The Tucker Carlson show researchers in particular find the most idiotic rhetoriticians from the left to be disemboweled on live TV.

Mighty entertaining all the same.

There is a thread on the NWN forum listing various right leaning BM labels that have been blocked by PayPal. Most of the labels I'd never even heard of so I can imagine the massive impact their records' messages must be having on youth culture,  hehe.  It's cuntish,  though,  as Darker Than Black are black listed and they are one of the strongest labels for proper anti-social black metal around. I don't like the idea of having Big Brother deciding what bands/books/art is safe for me to be exposed to. On the other hand,  perhaps driving underground forms of culture back underground will have unforseen positive implications for the future of the artform?

Sure this is it. Won't they be only too happy to have to go back to selling cassettes in exchange for unused stamps sent through the post in well-worn envelopes!

Check out stephen Byrnes tweets regarding Fairytale Of New York. How can someone feel "that" hurt over the use of a word. Really is scary how people get triggered now.

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.  I'd be fairly fucking offended if one of the main characters in a TV show for 25 years was a thick Irish alcoholic.

:laugh: seriously?
thats what the majority of us are.

How many years was Jim McDonald in Coronation Street?  :P

I remember a video popping up on youtube and it was a young people going back and looking at old television show and being offended by jokes in them. One show was Friends.
People go out of their way to find things to get offended over, they want to be offended.
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I stopped using Facebook a few months ago and all that stuff has magically disappeared off my radar.  Online outrage is pointless and meaningless and not worth getting worked up about,  I've realised.  The real world tends to be more of a rational place in which to operate.

It's like a Tommy Tiernan joke where he was saying "I was watching the news and they were saying AAAAH THE WORLD IS FUCKED THE WORLD IS FUCKED", then I went outside and saw everything was okay, it wasn't fucked.
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Regarding the xmas songs people got offended by.. I'm surprised  one in particular wasn't  flagged

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know..