Last night for some reason I had the rare (so rare I can't remember another single occasion) impulse to listen to a bit of classical music while reading in bed.  I fired on a couple of obvious classics simply because they are great pieces of music and also because I know fuck all about this style,  namely Ride of the Valkyrie and The Four Seasons. 

I'm sure many people here have a knowledge of this stuff so fire me a few recommendations- I'm not interested in LOTR or GOT theme music fucking crap, by the way.  I want the real deal. Also,  I hate opera so none of that, just quality,  emotive symphonies and shit.  Yes,  I did just smash a can into my forehead.  Apologies.

Beethoven's 5th, 7th and 9th should hit the spot, the full symphonies.
Mozart's Requiem for sure you'll enjoy.
Plus loads of others

Carl Orff - Carmina Burana is a great work. Probably the most known part of the whole piece is O Fortuna, but the rest of it is also excellent stuff.

Cheers dudes, I'll dive in to those. 

Adagio for Strings you've probably heard. In fact, it was given a fuckin dance remix back in the day which nearly ruined it for me.  Russians by Prokofiev is a superb track. Covered by Sting and The Foreshadowing. Been meaning to check out more of his stuff as that piece is epic.

For classical piano, sometimes with some violin, Ludovico Einaudi is excellent. Covers a lot of moods, the more miserable stuff is class.

It's not classical by any stretch, but this is a really nice piece of music to kick back and drift away to.
My brother had the record when I was a kid and I'd always stick it on when I wanted to leave my rock/metal on the shelf for a bit...

Acker Bilk - Aria

Cheers.  Looking for classical,  as per the title.

Not strictly classical, but go easy on me - EST Symphony is an album of music by the jazz group Esbjorn Svensson Trio. After Esbjorn died, the remaining two worked on re-writing some of their music with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and it's incredible, a great blend of classical and jazz. Perhaps a gateway to both genres?  :D

Zero interest in jazz,  but sure...

Quote from: The Butcher on January 30, 2020, 10:31:30 PM
If Ride of the Valkyrie is the style you are looking for...

*edit* I see Juggz has the full suite, but this one in particular is great.

If Ride of the Valkyrie is the style you are looking for...

*edit* I see Juggz has the full suite, but this one in particular is great.

And this (unfortunately the title makes me think of the huns walking down to the shops in the aul pjs)

Chopin, nocturnes (various), Igor Stravinsky, the rites of Spring.

YouTube will be your friend for classical music.
Just type in the composer you want to hear and there's like 3 hr videos of their stuff there.
Vivaldi is my favourite by a mile though.
So melodic and flamboyant.