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Today at 12:02:38 PM
Up there with the latest Exodus cancellation, Holt's brother broke his arm in Italy so they pulled a Euro tour. That is the worse I've heard.
Today at 12:02:01 PM
Quote from: John Kimble on June 02, 2023, 08:20:08 PMThree pages into a thread on dodgy rap metal and not a mention of Stuck Mojo?!

Bought a signed copy of snapping necks for 3 euro a few years back. It's a bad album but I like it
Today at 08:59:54 AM
Quote from: Thorn on Today at 08:41:10 AMYou were done, it's missing an r  :P

I thought there was something iffy about it when Bruce started rapping.
Today at 08:41:10 AM
You were done, it's missing an r  :P
Today at 08:07:16 AM
All the get well soon messages on Instagram. Nothing fuckin wrong with them.  :laugh:
Today at 07:50:16 AM
Iron Maiden- Poweslave. I picked up this LP many years ago. A second hand copy from the 80s, possibly from 84, and whoever owned it originally took great care of it. Not a single pop or hiss across the whole thing. The sound is immaculate and the cover is in great condition, including the merch catalogue, which apart from being discoloured from age is in superb condition.
Today at 07:44:26 AM
A bit surprising alright that they aren't so universally revered or known as I would have thought. Death Metal Royalty indeed.
Today at 05:46:26 AM
I just checked out Cult of Youth earlier today. Never heard them before. They are deadly.

Oh, and I just booked my ticket for the festival  8)
Today at 04:32:46 AM
Nadja - Truth Becomes Death

They need a bit of a filter with all the stuff they release but this is immense, pure soundscape. It's suffocating and majestic, just fuckin' perfection.