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Metal Discussion / Fistful of Metal (New Magazine)
« Last post by Thorn on Today at 05:40:19 PM »
Only heard of this last week and ordered it, landed today and first impressions are good . Just good to have a new print mag out there . This first issue with Motorhead on the cover features Enslaved, Heathen, Death S.S., Necrophobic, Raven, Hammerfall, Armored Saint  etc. etc. , nearly 100 pages long.
Don't know if it's available in Easons or wherever but definitely looks worth the tenner to get it in yer letterbox. I dread the day we've no print mags left so hopefully people can get behind this endeavour.
General Discussion / Re: Are we all fucked?
« Last post by Kurt Cocaine on Today at 05:28:41 PM »
"I should have put it up higher"....... duh ::)
General Discussion / Re: Film
« Last post by Carnage on Today at 05:20:08 PM »
Never liked Coming To America TBH.

Watched Jungle last night, before it disappeared off Netflix. Daniel Radcliffe gets lost in the rainforest, has a hard time of it. All very predictable and familiar really, and given that it was based on the character's autobiography, no real tension about whether he'd make it. Worth a look but you'd miss nothing by not bothering with it.
General Discussion / Re: Film
« Last post by open face surgery on Today at 05:10:15 PM »
Watched Coming to America a month or two back and it's great. Not as good as Trading Places though. Will def check out the new one.
Metal Discussion / Re: Jon Schaffer
« Last post by Carnage on Today at 05:01:40 PM »
Federal investigators believe Jon Schaffer sprayed U.S. Capitol Police with "bear spray" as he and other rioters forced their way into the Capitol building. Photographs from that day allegedly show Schaffer wearing a tactical vest with a baseball cap that read "Oath Keepers Lifetime Member." The Oath Keepers is a far-right militia that is known to target and recruit law enforcement and military personnel. According to court documents, Schaffer traveled to Washington, D.C., with other Oath Keepers shortly after the 2020 election to participate in the "Million MAGA March." In an interview that day, he was asked if he expected the protests to be violent. "If somebody wants to bring violence, I think thereís a lot of us here that are ready for it," he said. "We donít want that, but if they bring it weíre going to respond to that, trust me.Ē Schaffer is the front man for the heavy metal band "Iced Earth," and according to court documents "has long held far-right extremist views." He has referred to himself as an "anarchist" and called the goverment a "criminal enterprise.".

Federal: Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority; Disrupting the Orderly Conduct of Government Business; Knowingly Engages in an Act of Physical Violence Against Any Person or Property in any Restricted Building or Grounds; Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building; Engage in an Act of Physical Violence in a Capitol Building; Parade, Demonstrate, or Picket in a Capitol Building.

From the database at the bottom of this article:

I'd imagine that some of the latter charges will see him put away for a while.
Metal Discussion / Re: Ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious music
« Last post by Carnage on Today at 04:51:46 PM »
It's juggalo music.
Metal Discussion / Re: Ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious music
« Last post by Circlepit on Today at 04:49:30 PM »
I like how he keeps a straight face and is able to sell it!
His son has a band. Itís dog semen.
It's not even as good as Kid Rock.
Amazing how some trends, no mater how critically reviled they are in retrospect, are just destined to repeat themselves. That shite above is basically just Kid Rock all over again.